Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we doing this?

The employment and skills landscape in the city has altered dramatically in recent years with changes to national government policy, devolution of powers to the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Brexit and the impact of Covid-19. As a city we need a talent and skills plan that is agile and works to support people and businesses across Leeds to respond to the challenges and opportunities they face and be more resilient to future change. 

In response to the changed landscape, Leeds City Council and its partners are looking to create a new Future Talent Plan, one that helps drive our economic recovery and addresses unemployment, underemployment, helps people to be more resilient in work, and supports people and businesses to thrive.

What are we hoping to get out of it?

The plan: 

We are aiming to publish the new Future Talent Plan early next year. The timeframe of the plan is intended to cover 3-5 years, however we will be flexible in our approach so we can adapt to the changing landscape in Leeds. Our vision is for the plan to be a dynamic, action-focused document, that is owned and updated by people across the city, including residents of Leeds and businesses, as well as education providers and organisations. The Future Talent Plan is fundamentally about improving connections and networks between these stakeholders, for example through helping people improve their skills, looking at where businesses can create opportunities for people, and how organisations can best support people and businesses.

The conversation:

Through asking a few key questions, we want to build a better picture about what skills we already have in the city, as well as the kinds of skills we will need in the future. This will help us to work out whether people have the right skills for the future, and how the city can best support people and businesses over the next five years. 

We will also pose a range of statements that we would like you to comment on, so we can better understand some of the important trends, challenges, and opportunities that Leeds is facing. Some of these statements are targeted towards groups of people, such as businesses, as we want to find out what specific experiences are. 

Your thoughts and ideas will help to shape the actions we include as part of the Future Talent Plan.

Who do we want to hear from?

Through this conversation, we want to ask questions that everybody can answer, and we have made our main questions quite broad to encourage discussion and debate between different groups of people. Although some of the statements are more specific to different groups, we still encourage you to read the responses, comment if you have an opinion or experience to contribute and interact with anything you find interesting.

We encourage businesses to take part in the conversation, as businesses play a key role in informing the council and other organisations about the key trends, challenges and opportunities that are facing industry, and what skills they will need to ensure their business and employees can thrive.

We also want to hear from organisations, such as education and skills providers, public sector employees and the third sector. This will help us to find out what good work is already going on in the city, as well as how this can be built upon and the support that organisations need to do this.

Are the questions relevant to me?

We have targeted a wide range of businesses, organisations, networks, and people to take part in this conversation. It is important that our new plan represents people from different backgrounds and with different experiences of work. You will be asked who you are mainly joining the conversation as, but you are welcome to bring multiple perspectives to the conversation, for example talking about your experiences as a business owner but also about yourself as a member of the public or a learner.  We ask that participants are 16 and over.

How can I find out about what happens with the Future Talent Plan?

When you join the conversation, there will be an option to sign up to hear more on this topic by email. It is important to us that as a city-wide plan, everybody who is interested remains engaged and uses the Future Talent Plan when it is published.

What will happen to the data I provide?

When you login to the platform you will be asked to complete the equality monitoring questionnaire. This will help us to ensure the reach and diversity of our online conversation and be used to develop future policies and services only.  If you'd prefer not to answer any of the questions, please click 'prefer not to say'.  However the more information we can collect the more effective our equality monitoring will be. The categories included have been informed by the National Census 2011 and characteristics protected by equality legislation as well as other questions that are relevant to local communities in Leeds. 

Clever Together are the data controller of any personal data you provide and it is held only by virtue of your explicit consent.  Responses to the gateway questionnaire are never reported at an individual level. The information you supply will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be held in accordance with the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018.

This conversation is run by an independent agency, Clever Together, which ensures your anonymity. You can read Clever Together's privacy policy here.

For further information, the Council’s corporate privacy notice, which includes details of the authority’s Data Protection Officer and your Information Rights is available at: